23-24 Season

The Vivaldi Project with Clarinetist Dominic Giardino

Saturday, September 23rd @ 3:00 pm
Viennese Clarinet quartets by Hoffmeister, Andreas Goepfert, and Mozart
Person Hall, UNC Chapel Hill  Individual Tickets

Sunday, September 24th @ 6:00
Lecture recital : Clarinet quartet by A. Goepfert & Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet
The Moravian Music Foundation in Old Salem Information

Tuesday, September 26th @ 7:30
Mozart’s clarinet quintet (with violinist David Sariti)
UNC’s William S. Newman Series, Moeser Auditorium in Hill Hall
(concert will also include the Brahms clarinet quintet performed on modern instruments) Tickets and Information

A Baroque Cello Bash

Sunday, January 21st @ 3:00
Featuring 17th and 18th century cello ensemble music with North Carolina’s many wonderful period cellists: Brent Wissick, Stephanie Vial, Lisa Liske, Chris Nunally, Sarah Wines, Caroline Stinsony
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
Chapel Hill Individual Tickets